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All About Denim

Keeping Pets SAFE this HOT Summer.

It's important to emphasize signs of heatstroke in your pet this summer. Please feel free to copy or share any of these RSPCA fliers or this post with your friends. Last summer, we waited to get our dogs hair cut and she was outside for only 5 minutes when she came in panting and wobbly. I was so concerned, that I turned the fan on and put some cold water on her with a rag and gave her water to drink, as well, as turned the AC down. After a little time, she was much better. If you have a dog with a lot of hair, it's vital to get them groomed just in time for hot weather. I know I wouldn't want to stand outside in the heat wearing a fur coat either. 
These are great ideas to bring your pet in with you while you do your dining or shopping and such, just make sure the establishment is pet friendly.
Take note of the temperature outside in order to be aware of the actual temperature to the dog. Dark patches on the tongue represent dehydration.
Based, on this poster alone, just…

Houston Style because it's warm here!

Rodeo up!

Rodeo up! by sheworewhat1 featuring a wide buckle belt Jason Wu brown pleated dress
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Get in the PINK!

Get in the PINK! by sheworewhat1 featuring a fishing hat Dorothy Perkins colorful dress

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Welden saddle bag

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