A Christmas Story

This Christmas I wanted to get in on some of the actual Christmas discounts on Christmas items. So, on December 24th I took to the streets to catch some deals. There were 50% sales on lighted deer yard ornaments, garland, and bows that I indeed purchased and precisely set up in my house and yard immediately as time was "a wasting".

There were also, some cute Christmas tree ornaments 50% off which I bought just one of. Didn't want to get too crazy. But, here's my cute story. When I walked over to the ornaments at the store, the very first one at eye level staring my straight in the face with a big smile...was just that, a big smile chalk full of teeth! I thought, oh my gosh! Who in there right mind would want that?Then 2 minutes later an older gentleman was looking at the ornaments. I asked what he was looking for and he said, "it's going to sound funny, but I'm looking for some teeth". Low and behold! I showed him those teeth! He said they were just what he was looking for. He buys ornaments for his two grand children every year and one of them just got a good check up at the dentist. I asked him what else he was looking for. He said he needs to find a skunk or something like it. After asking him if his other grand child stunk or something, he just laughed. Some things are better left unsaid. Anyway, I couldn't find a skunk, but I pointed to a very interesting looking rat on the very top hook. He replied, "oh, this will do, I'm running short on time today and this really helps me out, Thank you!" I was glad to have helped this man and his two grand children. Even though one of them probably stinks. 

Carol A.


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