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Easy Grilled Chicken

Recently, I cooked grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. This may not seem like much too some, but cooking meat had always been a challenge for me. But, here's my secret! I've been watching a lot of cooking shows and have learned to make it simple and less so daunting. So, I'm sharing with you how easy it was to make this meal. 

 First, I bought boneless skinless chicken. Sprinkled seasonings (Morton's Seasoning), onion powder, and garlic salt on one side of the chicken. I add a touch of salt and pepper.

After I have put some butter or margarine in the cast iron skillet and melted it, I laid down some chicken pieces with the seasoning side down. Then sprinkled more of the seasonings, onion powder, and garlic salt. 

I cooked them for about 7 minutes on each side with a medium to high heat. 

Then they are ready! How simple is that?

Now, I had never tackled my own gravy before with out a "supervisor". I was going to wing it this time! All I did was af…

Is your cat coming down with something?

Could your cat be sick? You might never know! Cats have a way of hiding their aches and pains all too well. Here is a very helpful article, from The Purrington Post about just that. With 8 signs to look for in a sick cat, you just might give them that 9th life line they need to stay a healthy, happy family member. 

Carol A.

Flower Painting

This is a small canvas I painted using acrylics of a flower for my mother. She added ribbon to it and hung it up. 

Carol A.