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A Tea Towel for a Friend

A friend of mine, David Schexnayder, recently created a handmade tea towel from cross-stich. It was so impressive that I asked him if I could interview him for my blog and he obliged. Below are step by step pictures of his work in progress finalized by his completion and interview.

1. What is this called, cross stich or crochet? Have you ever done this before?

 It is called cross-stitch, and no, I hadn't done it before until the pastor of the church I attended in Seattle introduced me to it. She felt I might enjoy it and I turned out to be very inventive.

2. What prompted you to go to so much trouble to make this for your friend?

When I found out how popular they are with people I decided I could get more serious with it, for a few weeks I barely touched it and worked on the first one on and off. I stopped following the pattern I was using and began to design my own, and after that I couldn't put it down. The first tea towel took almost a year to complete but I learned more f…

Whimsy Girls with Megan K. Suarez

The reason I haven't been on here lately is because I have been taking an online art class by Megan K. Suarez drawing and painting Whimsy Girls! Here is my first Whimsy Girl! Hope to have more to show you real soon! Happy drawing everyone! Megan has a website where she sells her digi stamps Also, her blog is and  her cute cute etsy site is! unFashionably Early,