My FIRST Giveaway Win!

A while back I won my very first giveaway from The Little Fox Blog. Let me explain how I won it. The Little Fox Blog asked us to comment on what we would like to see painted of our favorite story book and I chose the vintage version of The Frog Prince, which always was one of my favorite story books as a child. Then, as luck would have it my name was randomly drawn! Is that's simple.  I thought it would be neat to show you that I won this beautiful print of a painting by Despina, a.k.a. The Little Fox.

The Little Fox Blog is one of my favorites because of the sweet vintage feel and all the little things. Ever since I was a child, I've been interested in small items like little pet rocks, polished pebbles, small kiddle dolls, stamps, and coins, too. For Christmas this year, I even purchased a tiny little manger scene to put under my tree. On a recent trip to San Antonio, Texas what I came home with for souvenirs could all fit in one hand.

Her print came packaged with an adorable business card, which has already been given to a friend, and a Thank You card with a discount on my next purchase at her blog!

Which brings me to the above photo of a pendant necklace of the Frog Prince I ordered recently. It was fun telling you about my giveaway excitement and hope you all enter your own favorite giveaways in the future! You can find out more about The Little Fox Blog and her paintings and art at just click on this link!

unFashionably Early,


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