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Pinterest Pin of the Week!

Je Suis L'imaculée Conception Our Lady of Lourdes by FlorLarios, $15.00 Je Suis L'imaculée Conception - Our Lady ... by FlorLarios on Etsy

unFashionably Early, CC

Pinterest Pin of the Week!

Nanalulus Linens & Handkerchiefs is a sweet blog offering: "Exquisite Imported Table & Bed Linens, Embroidered Pillowcases, Lace Tablecloths, Tables Runners, Dresser Scarves,Doilies, Reproduction Vintage Inspired Tablecloths, Vintage styled Aprons & Kitchen Towels
Beautiful Ladies Handkerchiefs, Hankies, Monogrammed Handkerchiefs, Monogram Hankies, Wedding Hankies, Vintage Hankies, Lily of the Valley Handkerchiefs, Embroidered Handkerchiefs, Swiss hankies, Tea Party Accoutrements & Accessories, Tea, Tea Party Favors, Cupcake Liners & Cupcake Wrappers, Home Decor For Victorian, Shabby & Romantic Decor".
This romantic Christmas ornament is just $6.99 unFashionably Early, CC