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How I saved money at Aldi's!

Thirty three dollars is all I spent at Aldi! What did I get, you ask? Anything from hamburger buns, meat, cookies, vitamins, to canned vegetables and pasta. The cheapest items were green beans and peas for just .44 cents each and they were good. My most expensive items were a large pack of turkey burgers for $5.99 and Omega 3 fish oil vitamins for $3.99.

If you haven't heard of Aldi yet, it's a brand consisting of 2 grocery store chains with a high turnover providing 10,000 stores in 20 countries with product. Take a look at this weeks Aldi Weekly Ad: .

Aldi's mobile app can be downloaded on your smart phone from Google Play and The Apple App Store. It highlights grocery store finds, shopping list (items that you have marked to purchase), store locator, and weekly ads like the one just mentioned above.

First thing I noticed is that the grocery carts are .25 cents to use and when you put the cart back, you get your .25 cents. How i…
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My life and the traveling pants.

Years ago, I never wore jeans. Just dresses and skirts. I loved getting dressed up! I don't know when, well, yes I do know when it all changed. I was a little over weight for a couple of years and instead of just buying new clothes. I actually, had my current clothes altered. Note to self: just buy new clothes. So, there I am living in a new town, nothing to do, but eat barbecue, watch reality shows, and go to work for little change. I couldn't afford to buy anything, including new clothes. So, I packed up my car with all that I could and tracked it back to Houston where there was already a job and an apartment waiting on me. In the next couple of months I managed to lose all the weight because I had things to do, people to see. One day, I thought, "I need a pair of jeans, but what size do I wear"? I mean I was already wearing my old pants that were too big. I trucked it on into The Gap where this very nice male customer service rep greeted me and asked me what I was…

I tried Pixi & I liked it!

@pixibeauty Illuminating tint & conceal, a glow primer, & a lipstick matte are 3 items I tried out over the past few days.
The primer leaves a glowing highlight over the face. I let that dry, then I put the conceal illuminator under my eyes,  down my nose, cupids bow, eyelids, and lower mid forehead. After rubbing it in, then I put on my Bb cream foundation. A final touch up of the concealer afterward. The lipstick is actually made along with a few other colors to go with anyone's skin tone. I liked all 3 products! I just wish I had used a setting spray. Next time.

~Carol A.

Opalhouse at Target

A new line of home decor from Opalhouse is now available at Target!  With three collections to choose from. Indochic is a french Vietnamese elegantly inspired look with bright colors and luxurious fabric.  Canyon Sunrise is simplistic in taste with bamboo sprinkled with layers of texture and lighter colors.  

Picture black and white except switch out the white for a neutral with a bright bold color thrown in. Don't forget to add personal items and you have the final collection, Mallorca

With plenty of accent pieces and sheets, blankets, throws, faux plants, chairs, sofas, bedding and more, you can't mess this up! These pieces can even be intermingled. Decorate your hall, bedroom, bathroom, living, or dining you name it. 

Carol A. 

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Keeping Pets SAFE this HOT Summer.

It's important to emphasize signs of heatstroke in your pet this summer. Please feel free to copy or share any of these RSPCA fliers or this post with your friends. Last summer, we waited to get our dogs hair cut and she was outside for only 5 minutes when she came in panting and wobbly. I was so concerned, that I turned the fan on and put some cold water on her with a rag and gave her water to drink, as well, as turned the AC down. After a little time, she was much better. If you have a dog with a lot of hair, it's vital to get them groomed just in time for hot weather. I know I wouldn't want to stand outside in the heat wearing a fur coat either. 
These are great ideas to bring your pet in with you while you do your dining or shopping and such, just make sure the establishment is pet friendly.
Take note of the temperature outside in order to be aware of the actual temperature to the dog. Dark patches on the tongue represent dehydration.
Based, on this poster alone, just…

Free Art Print from Atelier Susana Tavares

Atelier Susana Tavares on her blog,,  gave away this free art print last year. It's so inspiring!  Just print it out and put it on your fridge or desk! 
~Carol A.